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VANGARD White Oils

VANGARD White oils are highly refined mineral oils that consist of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic nonpolar hydrocarbons. They are hydrophobic, colorless, tasteless, odorless, and do not change color over time. VANGARD White Oils are chemically and biologically stable, non-comedogenic. 

Clarion Environmental Products

Clarion Green Lubricants are precisely engineered for service in environmentally sensitive areas such as open water, inland waterways, ports, watersheds and forests. They can be safely used in agriculture, dredging operations, fisheries, tugboats, cargo port operations, logging, and mining operations.

Clarion Food Grade Products

Clarion Food Grade Lubricants meet stringent standards of purity and performance for food and beverage processing, food packaging, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. All Clarion Lubricants are backed by the Clarion warranty.