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Clarion Food Grade Lubricants

All Clarion Green Lubricants are non-toxic to aquatic life per U. S. EPA LC50 test requirements. more

Vangard White Mineral Oil

VANGARD White oils are highly refined mineral oils that consist of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic nonpolar hydrocarbons. Information

Penreco Products

Penreco offers White Mineral Oils which are used in applications ranging from personal care products and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.  Information

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General Manager USA - Jeff Lopes

Jeff works in the northern California office near San Francisco California, and oversees all the purchasing and freight for overseas shipments.


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We are here to help you get quality lubricants and competitive prices.  We are committed to service and quality, offering only premium lubricants, that not only work well, but are safe for the environment.

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Manager (China) Selina Gao

Selina works in the north-east part of China, the city of Dalian.  She handles all sales inquiries for the Peoples Republic of China.

Selina has been with WSO International since 2002, speaks Mandarin and English.

email:  dlselina@126.com

Telephone – +86-1386